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Damascus Area Establishes a Car Donation Service

Anyone who's driven through Damascus or any of the surrounding areas will surely see old, used cars on lots that need a new home. The Damascus Soccer Club has joined forces with to bring the community a great way to clean up those cars, generate some tax breaks, and gift some money the the Club mission of delivering Character, Development, and Fun Through Youth Sports to families!!

We see this partnership as a win/win with our community. Our not-for-profit always needs money to deliver our mission affordably. Community residents need a way to clean up used vehicles, and everyone wants to keep the money local. 

David Dejewski

President / Board Chairman

Melwood makes the perfect partner. They've been collecting car donations all over the country for 12+ years! They've generated a lot of donations through the program and have had plenty of time to work the bugs out of the system. For our community, the process is as simple as: 

  1. Fill out our online form
  2. Turn over the appropriate paperwork
  3. Wait for the tow to come pick up the car

The way the system works is really easy. Within 48 hours after someone fills out our form, Melwood's support team will call, setup the tow, and answer any questions. Tax deductible receipts are automatically generated and a nice Thank You letter goes to the donor. 

There simply isn't an easier way to donate used vehicles and make sue that any proceeds are going to a good local cause!


Winter 2019 Interest Survey

By filling out this short survey, you will help us get a good idea how we should be structuring our Winter season. This will tell us what's age appropriate, what kind of help we have, and what your interests are. 

This is a big advantage of being a member of a Club like ours - we are as responsive to our members as we can be. 

We collect email so we can get back in touch with you - and ensure we don't have SPAM bots filling out our forms and skewing the results. 

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